Thursday, April 7, 2011

Poonam Pandey Go Nude soon

For Poonam Pandey Nude Pictures , videos and details visit this site Poonam Pandey Nude Kingfisher model, who swore to bare it all if India wins the World Cup, is hogging the limelight again, asserting that she is still on with her commitment.

Three days ago, Poonam tweeted on the micro-blogging site Twitter, “once Steve Forbes said "A promise made should be a promise kept." so guys soon will complete my promise just Wait n watch. I still remember my commitment to go nude."

The 19-year-old cricketoholic, who barely had 5,000 followers on her Twitter account prior to her striptease statements now has 10,131 followers.

She has assured her promise that she will be fulfilling her promise. She wrote, “Thanx a Lot Friends n Fans Worldwide..Thanx once again for such lovely msgs and ur support... will let u kno my next ACTION :) Keep watching.”

“Silence dsn’t mean i 4got Commitments. My disappearance dsn’t mean I dn’t care abt u all. its jus things whr getting tough 4a 19yr old girl,” she added later.

“Will soon speak to u all, till the mean time have fun,” read her latest tweet.

While she is awaiting reply to the letter written to the BCCI seeking their permission to strip to boost their morale of the Indian cricket team, the Shiv Sena intimidated Poonam Pandey for making such indecent commitments and defaming the Indian culture.

Surprisingly, Poonam, who has become one of the most downloaded celebrities on the internet, also received a legal notice from Uttar Pradesh.

Reportedly, many international magazines are asking Poonam to feature nude in their mags.

Good deal of publicity, Poonam!

Poonam Pandey Biography
Real Name: Poonam Pandey
Popular Name: Poonam Pandey
Date of Birth: March 15, 1991
Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Occupation:  Model
Nationality: Indian
Poonam Pandey was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, March 15, 1991, known as a model from Mumbai, India, who shot to fame after the first 8 of the Model 2010 Gladrags Hunt. Poonam has been credited as one of “Most downloaded model on the internet”.
Poonam Pandey is the latest to join the league of Catherine Zeta Jones, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Sharon Stone. She has shot a whopping 27 calendars for the year 2011 including the most-awaited Gladrags Calendar.
Poonam Pandey is Kingfisher model. She rose to fame and controversy during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 by promising to str*p n*d*  if India win the tournament, but turned out a no show, is hospitalised for an operation to remove kidney stones, says her publicis